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Accounting Power earns 4.75 stars from CPA Practice Advisor

Accounting Power, the cloud-based professional accounting system from AccountantsWorld, has just earned a near-perfect 4.75 stars from CPA Practice Advisor.

Some of the highlights of the review:

"Accounting Power is fully customizable, with users able to customize the system for each individual client, depending on the client’s experience, needs and abilities to provide more experienced clients with collaborative access to system functions and features, while maintaining more control of clients with less experience. Using Accounting Power results in significantly 'Less Mess' in clients’ books."

"Accounting Power makes it easy to handle multiple clients, providing users with features such as the Client Snapshot, which provides a brief overview of each client and their unique needs, and the fully customizable Dashboard, where users can access more detail about each client, with graphs and links included for each client. All transactions are posted in real time, so client data, including ledgers and reports, always reflect the most recent data."

"To help accountants provide higher-value advisory services, Accounting Power offers excellent analytic capability, with users able to access a Performance Analysis report for each client that includes key performance indicators, including income versus expense, cash balances, projected cash balances and current and expected income and expense trends."

"Accounting Power offers good reporting capability including completely customized financial statements that are designed specifically for each client. The comparative financial statement option allows accountants to create client financial statements that display vital information, such as current versus prior period totals, with up to four years to compare. "

About Accounting Power

The professional Accounting Power system was created to channel the full power of the cloud to give accountants better control over client accounting. Our approach to client accounting is the opposite of other accounting systems, which are created primarily for small businesses and sold directly to them. 

Accounting Power is a fully unified system for professional accountants and their clients, and includes all of the following functionality:

With Accounting Power you can:

-        eliminate the challenges you currently face in client accounting

-        easily customize your accounting services to the needs of each client

-        add more value to clients’ businesses and make your accounting practice highly profitable


Schedule a no-obligation live demo of Accounting Power to learn how it can transform your accounting practice. 


Three steps to regain control of client accounting

It stands to reason that small business owners would rather spend their time focused on their businesses, and not accounting work. In fact, according to a survey by SCORE, 40 percent of small business owners said dealing with bookkeeping and taxes are the single worst parts of owning a company. Compounding the problem is that the more clients are involved in bookkeeping (without any accounting knowledge), the more mistakes accountants are left cleaning up.

These problems are the easily foreseeable results of using popular DIY accounting software like QuickBooks – solutions that were created primarily for the needs of small businesses, not for professional use. And when accountants are stuck in this sort of reactive position in client accounting, that's a lose-lose for both them and their clients.

But historically, most accountants felt they didn't have a choice. Virtually all of the accounting systems on the market today are DIY systems. Even most cloud-based accounting systems are created primarily for small businesses, and are based on the DIY model. Here's the amazing part: Despite knowing that most small businesses don’t like performing accounting tasks, most accounting system software providers continue to push DIY accounting systems to small businesses.

Want to end this cycle and regain control over your accounting engagements? Here's how to get started.


Make the most of the cloud

The only way to make accounting highly profitable for you, and make your services more relevant to your clients, is to put you – the accountant - back in the driver’s seat. That’s what we call an Accountant-Centric approach.

A professional system based on this Accountant-Centric approach provides everything you need for your professional work — write-up, trial balance, preparation of fully customizable financial statements, and analytics, along with a general ledger system that includes banking, accounts receivable, accounts payable, job costing and inventory. It's a fully unified cloud-based system for both professionals and clients. The Accountant-Centric approach is the brainchild of AccountantsWorld, and our cloud-based professional accounting system Accounting Power is based on this Accountant-Centric approach.

With an advanced solution like Accounting Power, accountants can customize their services for each individual client, based on their needs and preferences.

For clients who’d like to offload all their accounting work to you, your firm can now deliver complete accounting services, including bill payments, bookkeeping, monitoring cash flow, and preparing financial statements. The Workflow Manager included in Accounting Power helps your staff perform at peak efficiency, and lets you oversee the entire accounting practice from a single dashboard. And no one has to print a single check - all bills are paid with a mouse click using innovative digital checks. The only thing your clients have to do is either scan or take a snapshot of invoices to be paid using their smartphones.

For clients who prefer some involvement, accountants can set up the system to give their clients access to specific functions they can perform comfortably without making errors. For example, clients who crave some involvement may only want to use Accounting Power to write checks and enter deposits. Accountants can tailor the program to let them perform those functions quickly. Clients who want another level of involvement may want the ability to handle account receivables and account payables. Accountants can personalize the solution to meet the needs of both the hands-off and engaged client.

Whatever level of involvement you and your clients agree upon, your time is now freed up to focus on providing value, such as identifying growth opportunities or flagging discrepancies or threats to the client’s business.

Deliver more value to clients beyond bookkeeping and taxes

Accountants can continue to demonstrate their value to their clients by offering a more diverse and strategic set of services. The AICPA and other industry experts agree that the next major growth opportunity for accounting firms - large or small - is in offering Client Accounting Services (CAS). With Accountant-Centric collaborative solutions, accountants can analyze the whole picture of a client’s finances to offer real-time strategic advice, and provide significantly deeper value beyond preparing simple financials and doing taxes.

The more high-value services that an accountant can offer their client, the stronger their client relationships will be, which can boost retention and create a strong referral network for the accounting firm amongst existing clients.

DIY accounting systems may have been the norm for the past several years, but cloud-based professional accounting systems like Accounting Power have shifted the balance of power back to accountants and created an opportunity for small businesses to get back to doing what they love most - running their businesses, and not dealing with the headaches of bookkeeping, taxes and payroll. Cloud solutions benefit both accountants and their clients, and empower accountants to offer more strategic value to their clients’ businesses.

Schedule a free live demo of Accounting Power and see how your firm can regain control of client accounting.


AccountantsWorld Endorsed by Maryland Association of CPAs as Preferred Software Provider

AccountantsWorld is proud to announce a strategic endorsement from the Maryland Association of CPAs (MACPA). AccountantsWorld is the newest preferred provider of accounting practice management and software for the MACPA.


The MACPA is committed to helping CPAs adapt to an ever-changing business climate, and has aligned with a partner in AccountantsWorld who shares the goal of empowering accountants for the future.

Tom Hood, MACPA


"Our members rely on us to keep them updated on the latest technological improvements and issues facing the accounting industry," said Tom Hood, CEO and executive director of MACPA. "AccountantsWorld is a client accounting platform that should be on their radar. With this partnership, we hope to advance and educate more than 9,000 CPAs across the state about this new solution."


 For more than 17 years, AccountantsWorld has transformed the accounting profession with its cloud-based solutions designed exclusively for CPAs and accountants. The company's flagship solutions for accounting and payroll help CPAs grow their practices and foster closer collaboration with their clients. AccountantsWorld puts professional accountants first by never selling its products or services directly to their clients.

"Our mission is to help them take back control of client accounting," said Chandra Bhansali, co-founder and CEO of AccountantsWorld. "We're excited to serve members of MACPA as a preferred provider and trusted advisor for their accounting software needs."

AccountantsWorld continues to receive recognition for its cloud-based offerings for professional accountants. AccountantsWorld's full-service client accounting solution, Accounting Power, has consistently received five-star ratings by CPA Practice Advisor. Additionally, the company recently partnered with TAG Resources and Transamerica Retirement Solutions to add retirement capabilities to their signature product, Payroll Relief.


Click here to learn how Accounting Power is helping accountants regain control over client accounting.


Accounting Power now includes fully integrated bill payment

AccountantsWorld is proud to announce significant enhancements to our signature product, Accounting Power. These enhancements will enable accounting firms to provide more complete accounting services, including bill payment and bookkeeping, to all of their clients within one platform.

The new updates seamlessly integrate bill payment capabilities into Accounting Power and streamline the entire bill payment process, which makes this service highly efficient and profitable.

Unlike Do-It-Yourself accounting programs that are created for small businesses, Accounting Power is the first cloud-based system designed specifically for the needs of professional accountants. It lets accountants customize their accounting services to meet each client's needs and preferences.

"Our research shows that given the choice, one out of every four small business owners would consider offloading all their accounting work to their accountants. However, most accountants currently don't offer bill payment and bookkeeping services to their clients because the limitations of current systems have made them high-hassle, low-margin services," said Dr. Chandra Bhansali, CEO and co-founder of AccountantsWorld. "With the new capabilities, accounting firms are able to perform these functions faster and easier than before, and thereby turn them into high profit-margin services."

By using Accounting Power's newest features, accounting firms can facilitate end-to-end bill payment and invoicing. The updates include:

  • Mobile uploads. Clients can now upload images of their invoices and payments received against account receivables with any mobile device. When accountants log onto the platform, the uploaded invoices and payments are automatically attributed to the corresponding client and presented for processing.
  • Unified dashboard to monitor workflow. Accounting Power lets accountants establish a uniquely streamlined operation. A single unified display monitors all bill payment activity for multiple clients at once, allowing the accountant to easily identify which client bills need to be processed, approved, or paid.
  • Faster and easier approval process. With the new approval feature, accountants can send payment approval requests to multiple clients with one click. Clients can approve the bills to be paid fully or partially using their PC or any mobile device. Firm can make the payments for the bills approved by clients either by printing physical checks or using electronic checks (ACH).

By combining these functions into a single cloud-based solution, Accounting Power has once again simplified client accounting and increased efficiency and profitability for firms. In 2015, Accounting Power was awarded "Best Small CPA Firm Solution" and "Best Cloud Solution" by K2 Enterprises. The product also received a five-star rating by CPA Practice Advisor earlier this year and was a finalist in the 2016 Cloud Awards.

About AccountantsWorld 
With more than 15 years' experience, AccountantsWorld is the leading provider of cloud-based solutions for accountants. AccountantsWorld offers a complete, integrated suite of innovative accounting, payroll, and practice management solutions that help accountants work collaboratively with clients to foster greater client loyalty and improve the bottom lines of their practices. AccountantsWorld is also the only leading cloud solutions provider that puts Accountants First™ by never competing with accountants or selling services directly to their clients. For more information about any of the AccountantsWorld cloud-based solutions, please visit or call 1-888-999-1366.


Where Are the Growth Opportunities for Accountants?

At first glance, it appears that there aren’t many bright spots for growth for accounting practices today.

For starters, look at the state of tax preparation. More and more clients are buying "do-it-yourself" tax programs and doing their tax returns themselves. Undoubtedly, the market for this service is shrinking.

What about client accounting? It's become a low-margin commodity service, thanks to the most widely used "do-it-yourself" accounting systems sold directly to small businesses. These pieces of software have taken control of many accountants' time and processes. Clients buy the software, but most don't know a thing about accounting, so they end up making bookkeeping messes. Professional accountants like you have to spend hours cleaning up those messes before they can do their professional work. You became an accounting professional so that you could add value to your clients' businesses, and give them the crucial business advice they need. But current circumstances make it difficult – if not impossible – do that.

If we look closely, we uncover a disturbing reality – and the reason that accountants have lost control of their core services (tax and accounting).

While technology has undoubtedly brought in tremendous benefits to accountants, it's also the cause of the diminished control that accountants now have over their core services, and of the marginalization of accounting practices.

The "do-it-yourself" (DIY) accounting systems and tax programs are products of the PC era. DIY accounting systems took control of accounting away from accountants, and DIY tax programs have taken a big bite out of the tax preparation business.

Meanwhile, payroll bureaus used the power of mainframe computers to capture payroll processing services from accountants. The tools accountants had in the 1980's and 1990's were no match for the power of these mainframe computers.

If accountants continue on the same path and keep surrendering more and more of their territory to the ever-increasing intrusion of external forces, the prospects for a brighter future for accountants will keep getting dimmer.

But fortunately, unlike previous technologies, new technological advances have created tremendous potential for accountants to recapture a good amount of business they had lost to external forces.

And that's not all. These technological advances have also created billions of dollars' worth of new opportunities for accountants.

The revolutionary cloud technology that has transformed so many aspects of our lives in sweeping ways has the potential to completely transform the accounting profession and help you revamp your practice.

Ready to learn more? Download our white paper today.

In this white paper, we'll review the major challenges accountants face in accounting today. These obstacles include:

  • Time spent on non-billable (or non-productive) tasks. This includes barriers like fixing client bookkeeping errors, managing different versions of software, and sending files and paper back and forth with your clients.
  • Significant inefficiencies in client accounting, thanks to the reactive role that accountants play in current "do-it-yourself" accounting systems created for small businesses.
  • Diminished perceived importance of your services. When clients use these "do-it-yourself" accounting systems, they believe that they have done most of the work. They get the wrong impression that, as an accountant, you essentially add just little value over what they have accomplished using a piece of software.
  • Difficulty in differentiating your firm.

Then we'll explain why, despite these challenges, we are confident that the future for accounting practices is actually very bright. We'll show you how certain types of cloud technology can help you overcome these challenges. Then we will discuss five exciting growth opportunities created by the cloud and other new developments. These trends have the potential to add billions of dollars in revenue to accounting practices over the next five years. These opportunities include:

  • Regaining control of accounting and strengthening your client relationships.
  • Making your client accounting work 30 – 50% more profitable.
  • Becoming an indispensable "virtual CFO" to your clients.
  • Turning a service you may have considered "no gain, all pain" into one that can be "all gain, no pain" for your practice.
  • Offering a complete accounting service – without additional staff or overhead.

The reality is there is no lack of opportunities for proactive accountants. Download our white paper to learn how to start tapping your practice's true potential today.